‘Self-discovery, emotional clarity and stimulating learning skills: Be courageous and express yourself to go through a process of more liberation and playfulness'


Rhythmic Core stands for movement, openness to learning and flexibility in thinking.

Creativity Coaching 

Further boost your meaning-making abilities, storytelling skills, critical thought and gain more insight into your capacities. The concept of creativity is not strictly and simply about art, it is a shape of thought and approach to external and internal circumstance that steers adaptability in life. Develop further self-awareness, gain self-confidence and feel in more control to continuously unfold who you are: a human being with multi-faceted and layered potential. Let go of static and fixed states, attachments and concepts.





Reflection ~ Movement ~ Poetry ~ Art


If perception is a conscious construct that shapes the way we see, feel and experience our life, we have to go inward and assert ourselves towards our fears, shame and conditioned response patterns. This way we create space for emotional clarity to embody open-mindedness, become more resourceful, exercise mental flexibility and get a greater sense of intuition. Creativity can be expressed in multiple forms and it often is a mirror to teach you about yourself.

We build self-awareness, self-regulation, confidence to implement healthy boundaries. When life feels more like a continuous process we are then equipped to move and adapt within different states and identities to playfully interact with our abilities and the exterior world.

Identities, narratives and core beliefs shape the lens through which we interpret information: not only what we have in our mind but even what we process (un)consciously through our physical senses. By reflecting on their origins and experimenting with different ideas we can take steps in embracing uncertainty and build something new.


Creativity & Self-expression Coaching

  • Enhance mental flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Become more resourceful
  • Gain more insight into your ability to give meaning
  • Gain confidence and courage to continue learning
  • Try different artistic techniques to express internal workings

About Me

With a background in psychology, coaching and personal training, I am always inspired to make people more comfortable exploring their internal world and navigating external possibilities. With a philosophical, creative and mindful approach, I enjoy lifting blockages and look at creativity as both a means and an end; combining physical strength with an artistic mental approach to the structure of life.

I am a determined, playful and reflective being that has deep love for  curiosity itself and challenging myself to learn: from practicing skills within the arts engaging in different sports, to slowly learning more theory from different fields of study. I paint portraits and abstract art, write poetry and short stories, and you will find me training both in- and outside of the gym.

Hope to work together soon!


  • Bachelor Degree of Science in Psychology (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Counselor-Coach (CIVAS)
  • Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CIVAS)
  • Personal Trainer (Start2Move)


KvK nummer: 77813588
BTW nummer: NL003243048B38

+31(0)6 33 71 82 16

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