The Holy Grail Exhibition

‘Rite of Unification:

Patience stares at Hope while she looks at the sky,

never seated,

always aspiring to connect with time,


a grounding elevation aligned’ (October, 2023)


Artistic photography has given me the mental space and emotional opportunity to both express and explore the embodiment of the human emotional spectrum. With more experience with oil painting and poetry, photography became a new medium to revive as part of personal art therapy. Conventional therapies always had me focusing on rationalizing before having felt my feelings, therefore, I could not fully understand where I was coming from and what I needed. As the cognitive aspect wore me into major fatigue, I began opening up to the idea of allowing my ‘intuition’ start to create rather than always ‘prepare’ ideas and trying to mentally establish direction and form before beginning. Most importantly, I began understanding my artistic expressions as forms of communicating what lived inside, especially, emotionally.

I am a Dutch-Zambian multidisciplinary artist that has lived in Tanzania, Netherlands, mainly grew up in Peru and is currently residing in Mexico. My nature is to continuously (re)construct the meaning and the emotional processes of both my identity, feelings of alienation and grief. Since for a long time understanding my past experiences was a difficult state to achieve, given their intrinsic intertwined nature, trusting the future was equally challenging.

This piece came about only a few weeks ago and it has been teaching me about my transformation the past year and a half. In that time frame there has finally been more healing coming through on deeper levels where there is now ‘ground under my feet’, ‘a rooftop view to the future’: stability and lightness. The new brightness has given birth to new meaning and skills such as patience and growing trust in both myself and the world in multiple different forms, one of which, hope.

The unconscious becoming conscious through art. From having my sense of self compartmentalized in different parts, artistic outlets are my safe- and playground to integrate more and more.

Interested in seeing and knowing more? On this website you can find my information as creativity coach and my social media is @rhythmic.tales.


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